Thursday, June 18, 2009

It sews!

The machine is sewing nicely! It only took a half bottle of oil and a some love. It is lovely and
a joy to sew with. I am now looking at getting the belt to stay on without duct tape....

Saturday, May 23, 2009

New Home sewing machine

I found this old sewing machine at a yard sale. The guy said he had it for 20 years and kept his TV on it. So, off it went into the bed of the pickup truck! When we got it home we noticed fabric still under the presser foot, the drawers still had notions in it and the New Home box was still there with all the "stuff" it came with. It appears to have two newspaper heart templates and the date on it is Oct. 1966. It was almost like she just got up and just walked away. It can use a little love, but it was just so amazing to go through the drawers and see all the old 15 cent thread and stuff--I cant help but think that there is probably a lady looking down from heaven and glad that it isn't a TV stand anymore. So, now what??? Anyone know anything about it?? How old ect. I will clean it up and try to get it working. Oh, and I paid $10 for it.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Fall is here

Fall is now here and I continue to do well. We welcomed Diesel, our new flemish bunny into our home and boy, has he made himself at home! He chases the cats, chases the dogs, chews on the dining room chair and watches Andy. He is big, about 19lbs now and is very smart, he is a joy to have here and we just adore him! Madison is now 18 months old, so far we have survived her puppyhood, she still chews but is old enough to be sneaky about it now! But, one "golden retriver" look at me and all is forgiven!
Socks are going well, Noro does not go through the machine well, so I have switched to the alpaca light and it makes lovely socks. I will begin making hunting socks soon as hunting season is quickly approaching here in western VA.

Monday, March 31, 2008


It's finally spring here in VA. We are getting ready to welcome a baby Flemish giant bunny to our critter crew. I picked a fawn so he would match the golden retriever. He will be here soon and I hope him and Jack will become friends. This little guy will be very, very big. but they are very gentle and make wonderful pets.
We are making plans to attend Maryland Sheep and Wool, there are five of us going and we cant wait. I hope to find a knitting machine at the auction there. This weekend is the New York City trip to shop and see the play Hairspray. I have mapped out all the yarn stores!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Socks and more socks!

I have been away from my blog for awhile. We survived Christmas, then it was my birthday and then I had surgery...but all is better now. I have been making socks and more socks. I have made some for my boss as well. (no raise yet). Nikki and I will be demonstrating the machine at the Blue Ridge Fiber Gathering meeting tomorrow in Forest VA. I hope I don't do something stupid like fall out of my chair in front of everyone.
I have some new fleece, working at getting them ready to carded and spun, they are picked and that is about all. I have to keep the process moving if I want to come home from Maryland Sheep and Wool with a new fleece! Keep on Crankin'

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Madison and the Christmas tree

It is quite the tag team effort going on to destroy the tree! One cat on each side, batting the stuff off, Madison chewing them up and the Shih Tzu-ZZ, opening the presents, opened three of them before I caught him. I hope he liked the speed stackers, maybe my nephew will let him play with them.
So, the tree now has a very cute little white fence around it. It is usually used to keep the bunnies out of trouble, but they loaned it to the Christmas tree. The the guinea pig Tank then chewed up the stocking hanging on the front of his cage. I hope Santa understands!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Autoknitter Sock Machine

All is going great with the sock machine. Nikki came by and made a very impressive pair on her first try. She did great and made it look easy. I found that Knitpicks makes very nice and affordable sock yarn. With the speed the machine can make the socks pretty quick, I need lots of yarn so I ordered a bunch! On my way home from my dads house on Tuesday, I was able to stop at the Woolery in NC, nice store, went crazy in there of course. Got sock yarn, a fiber teaser, a 1lb bag of romney fleece and some bobbins for my friend. Picked up the new picker today, I have to go pick now. After Santa comes, I will have a new computer and will begin putting on pictures.
I can pass the name and number of the lady that sells the sock machines if anyone would like to contact me at
Happy first birthday Madison!!!
Our lives have been so interesting since you came to be a part of our family (I still have one pair of shoes to wear to work)
Merry Christmas, happy knitting, spinning and as always Crank on!!